Do you love wine?

A comedian I once saw did a skit about being at a wine tasting, and upon being asked what flavor he detected in a glass responded…’hmmm, crushed grapes?’.

Not everyone has a great desire to explore, much less become proficient at wine tasting. Many wine drinkers are happy enough to simply know what they like, and know what they don’t. There are those who perhaps don’t enjoy red’s, or chardonnay, or whatever the case may be, but will gladly partake in any varietal which they are knowingly comfortable with. Others embrace spontaneity and will try all things new, but struggle to explain why they do or don’t enjoy something.

I admit to having those friends who I have rushed to share my latest vineyard discovery with, excited by the prospect of sharing a previously unknown taste sensation, only to be met with and slightly disappointed by their heart-felt but all too brief accounts. ‘It’s very nice. I like it!’

Ah yes, nice. How brazenly descriptive. A little bit like saying Monet could paint, or that sex is good.

But to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with such simple offerings of appreciation. In fact, it can serve as a humbling reminder that wine is supposed to taste nice, and saying no more about the matter need not detract from its happy enjoyment.

After all, being able to taste wine doesn’t need to be serious…does it?

Make no mistake, wine as an industry is a prodigious enough business. Those who are professionals at tasting, grading and purchasing wine approach it with a proficiency which often borders on the inhuman. But should we mere mortals scorn those who turn whiffing and slurping the good stuff into an art form? Should we condemn them as being stuffy, or pretentious? I for one think not, and admit to being consumed with admiration for anyone who really can discern gun flint or pencil shavings from an aged Burgundy.

I can only hope to aspire to even a fraction of an average sommeliers ability, and give due acknowledgment to their own more analytical love affair with wine. I have relied heavily on both friends and associates in the industry with just such abilities to bring you this very text.

But there’s nothing at all wrong with you and I being able to have our own frivolities with the world of wine, albeit that we might embrace its personal enjoyment through a more relaxed approach to terminology.

However, one should never underestimate the joy which can come from taking the time to truly understand and thereby appreciate the various facets of wine. It can be a marvelous social bridge to friendship, a boundless source of pleasure, and for the more discerning among us, an investment in time and money which is apt to reap rewards in the future.

The goal of this journal is not a lofty one, it is simply to help mark your passage to being a wine aficionado. It matters not whether you begin as a novice, an intermediate, or a connoisseur, the journey is yours alone to take, but one enriched through its sharing with others.

Being able to taste, identify and deconstruct the elements of wine is a skill best born from the experience of consuming them. However, whilst anyone can taste wine, to appreciate it requires a more in depth analysis. In the Wine Tasting Journal you will discover the methods and techniques which lie at the heart of developing your ability to appreciate wine, and the means to record them.

Want some more reasons to nab yourself a copy of the Wine Tasting Journal?

There’s lots of information online about wine. In fact, there’s almost too much! Many wine lovers face ‘information overload’ when trying to research a new wine topic. The Wine Tasting Journal streamlines the learning curve and provides clear directions for expanding your expertise in wine, in a way which is perfectly catered to tasting.

Increase both your knowledge and enthusiasm for wine. The Wine Tasting Journal isn’t just a place to record your wine experiences. It provides step-by-step education and direction on how to taste wine, so you won’t ever be left wondering ‘am I doing it right?’.

Take the guess work out of tasting & enjoying wine. The Wine Tasting Journal has concise cheat sheets including vibrant  spectrum’s for comparing wine color, food pairings and fun facts about wine.  Tasting charts provide helpful prompts and descriptions to help you consider elements such as aroma, flavor, body and astringency, whilst reflecting on the balance of acidity, sugar, tannin, oak and alcohol in each wine. These easy to use techniques will become second nature in no time, leaving you free to progress in your own right as a discerning wine lover.

Begin scoring and comparing your favorite wines like an expert. The Wine Tasting Journal explains how to implement two of the most popular methods for scoring wine, and leaves you free to use the technique best suited to your own personal style.

Learn the lingo. A comprehensive tasting glossary of terms means you can be savvy with that intimidating vino language.

Practice makes perfect! The Wine Tasting Journal isn’t just about theory. Each important component of wine tasting is accompanied by fun practical exercises you can do at home to bolster your mental catalog of flavors and aromas. It means the journal isn’t just a way to keep a record of your experiences, it makes it a complete wine tasting kit.  The good news…yes, they do involve drinking lots of wine!

Save money and avoid bringing home bad bottles of wine. Ever come home from a vineyard with a bottle of drab, ordinary wine? Ever wonder how your friends always seem to find exciting and dynamic vintages? Make your wine selection the talking point of the next event by learning how to select great wines at their prime.

The Wine Tasting Journal is a direct download which you can be reviewing in minutes. It can be a discreet accompaniment to any wine tasting, a welcome gift, or a valued resource at home. At just $17.00, it provides a wealth of wine knowledge at your fingertips, and the chance to enjoy wine at a deeper level both now and in the future.

If for any reason you aren’t totally satisfied, there is a 30 Day money back guarantee. It’s important to me that you feel the Wine Tasting Journal has helped you get the most out of your interest in wine.

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To your enjoyment of the world of wine.